Customer Experience - Every Review Counts?

In recent years, customer expectations have skyrocketed, which means customer experience is more important than ever.

You can argue that often those expectations are unreasonable, but it’s the world we live in. A recent white paper by the open review community, Trustpilot, looked at customer experience in the modern world, and why it’s so important.

Customer experience is every interaction with your client. Creating good experiences for those customers is now the primary focus of 58 percent of marketers. CIO research has shown that reviews are trusted 12 times more than input from a salesperson.

Reviews, Trustpilot’s white paper tells us, direct customers to what they want or need. “There’s no more powerful validation that what you’re doing is right than the feedback of your customers. As shopping becomes more impersonal, building trust is key.”

And not all the reviews have to be good another oft-repeated quote from eConsultancy is that 68 percent of consumers trust reviews more often when they see good AND bad ones. Presumably, the bad review reassures them that it’s not just people with an ulterior motive posting up their opinions. Or your friends and/or employees are the only ones reviewing your business.

Bad feedback can often help a business change its product and service, and you can respond politely and helpfully – creating that all-important about-turn in opinion. Your customer might be telling you something you don’t know.

Take podcasting as an example. If reviews continually mention the lack of sound quality, there’s a clear message there for what you need to increase your numbers of podcast subscribers.

Remember to say thanks for good reviews too. And a hope that the customer will use your services/products again. Customer experience isn’t just one interaction – it’s a whole set of interactions. And those interactions offer opportunities every time to give something to those using your business.

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