Expanding The Reach of Your Content

There is a lot of content out there – but how much of it is worthwhile, and how do you get yours seen?

People can pour a lot of time and effort into content. There are millions of well-written blogs out there, for instance, but if yours isn’t increasing traffic to your website or converting leads into sales then it can be a waste of time.

The ideal content strategy consists of 50 percent useful material and 50 percent promotion. This doesn’t let you off the hook when it comes to writing content that intrigues, interests and informs - but it does mean you should look at different ways to get it in front of people.

Consider organic and paid content. Yes, organic content works – but the pound (or the dollar) trumps what happens in search engines. Here’s where useful content plays its part, too. Most folks are amazingly media-savvy these days and they recognise ads straight away. Your ad MUST promise it’s worth their while to click.

Convert your content to images (or infographics) for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, etc...

If you have the budget for it, consider videos for YouTube or Vimeo (and then integrate them easily into your website)

Consider paid social. Target your audience directly.

Put content into your email signature.

Submit content for guest posts – or request guest bloggers to contribute to your own blog. This broadens your audience.

And finally... Think about where your content is going to end up. Where do you want it to be seen and shared? Does this tie in with your key demographic? Do you actually know what/where your demographic is? What channels they use? Which keywords they are using?

For cost-effective help with all your content marketing, contact me for an informal discussion.

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