Be Your Own Media Directory

PR and marketing agencies often splash out a small fortune on monthly subscriptions to media databases. These allow them to target hundreds (and often thousands) of journalists, bloggers, publications, radio stations and more to get publicity for their clients.

Don‘t have the money to splash out? No problem. Be your own media directory. It can be time-consuming to set up, but once you have it in place you’ll have it for years (with a little tweaking now and then to ensure it stays up to date).

Here are some suggestions…

  1. Internet searches will yield some results about websites and blogs that are in your niche. Find contact details for all of them, and check their contents. They might accept press releases and blogs about your services and products.

  2. If you’re selling products on Amazon, then reviews are what you need. Look out for people who have bought similar products to yours and who are frequent reviewers, and offer to send them one of your products for review.

  3. Don’t spam people. Use the information you gather selectively, and personalise emails where you can. Tell people what you can give them and why it might be useful.

  4. Twitter will also give you information about journalists, bloggers and more who might publicise your products or services if you can make it relevant to them.

  5. Search for best fitness blogs – or whatever your product or service is. Best cooking blogs, best car maintenance blogs, and offer the bloggers guest blogs about what you sell. Again, make it relevant and useful to that particular blog.

  6. Again, searching for journalists will turn up lists of people that you might be able to use. It’s one of those jobs that there is a fast turnover, so review this one regularly.

  7. Look on YouTube. Are there popular subscription sites that fit with your business? An interview might not be do-able, but a product review might work.

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