Instagram – The Social Media Platform of Choice

With 95 million photos and videos posted on its platform daily and 700 million monthly active users, can you afford to ignore Instagram? Or will it be a case of your content being swallowed up in the maw of yet another social media giant that’s become far too big for it to benefit the small enterprise?

If you’re selling food, fashion, jewellery, accessories, beauty products, kitchenware, furniture and the likes, then yes – you need to be on a platform that showcases your products in a huge shop window. The better your photographs, expertly composed and taken, the more likely they are to get likes and follows. Add in some giveaways, competitions and relevant tags, and you’ll add to that audience number further.

An engaged audience is one thing; a buying one something else entirely. Aesthetically pleasing and quirky content will make people like you (and do remember to cash in on the Hallowe’en effect this month, no matter what you sell). It will also make you seem more trustworthy, again something that drives sales.

An Instagram account needs to validate your brand, so it’s a good idea to repost content that features your customers using your products. Make this a call to action in your posts, website, the info you send out with your goods, and newsletters. “If you like your new hat, why not tag us in a picture of you wearing it? @hatzforus” kind of thing.

Seasonal competitions are good too. Bakeries, for example, definitely want to ask for pictures of people eating their scary cupcakes this month, and fancy-dress shops will be calling out for posts of people partying. And don’t be afraid to use these as direct sales pitches.

Re-post this content. Your followers will love you for it.

You can also look into paid promotion, which is a great strategy for driving people to your website and will help increase traffic. Make sure the site they find themselves on is easy to navigate and engaging, though. No point in paying to drive people to a screen that’s dull and doesn’t entice.

Seek out the Instagram influencers in your industry too. Influencer marketing is something we love. It feels natural, and people tend to prefer it over many other forms of marketing because influencers hold such tremendous sway.

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