Facebook Changes - More Pressure On Businesses?

Ah, Facebook. Like all social media platforms, it can take a lot of learning. You figure out how to make your content work and efficiently engage with your customers, and then they go and change all the rules... Again!

The social media giant is currently trialling a new process in six countries – separating business pages and personal accounts. Users in those countries can choose from two news feeds when they log in. So, they have dedicated space for friends and family posts, and another area for info from Pages.

Facebook’s main feed can no longer be accessed by Pages looking for information about how their content is working, i.e. how often it is being shared, linked to or liked. Instead, businesses in Bolivia, Cambodia, Guatemala, Servia, Slovakia and Sri Lanka must take up paid content/advertising if they are to make it on to users’ personal news feeds.

Will there be many who choose a Pages newsfeed, rather than a personal one?

Facebook says this is a trial and they do not have plans to roll the test out further. But if that trail makes Mark Zuckerberg millions more, what’s the likelihood of it not being rolled out?

Another recent Facebook development (applicable in the UK and elsewhere) is the secondary newsfeed called Explore. The tab shows posts from Facebook pages the user doesn’t follow but which might fit their interests – posts such as articles, photos and videos.

Because there is more content to explore, what it does is keep people on Facebook for more extended periods of time, something that can be tricky in these information overload times.

Although Facebook does say the trial separating business and personal pages IS a trial, if it isn’t then we could end up with three news feeds, personal, business and explore. Which puts more pressure than ever on businesses to serve up relevant, entertaining and engaging content.


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