How To Build A Successful SEO Plan

If you own a small business, you’ll know how important it is to be found online. SEO makes your brand discoverable. Read on to see how you can put simple SEO tools in place.

First, you need to identify your target markets, the keywords associated with your industry and your primary business goals. Analytics will help work out your keywords and the core demographics of your audience, so you prepare appropriate marketing for them. Focus your website content on goals and business needs, such as lead generation or increased social interaction.

Create a content calendar for your business. The content should align with your business goals, marketing campaigns and key events.

Websites that increase user engagement will boost your SEO. Incorporate shareable content and employ a specialist company, if necessary to create material that people want to share. It’s a good idea to add conversion driving features that will take customers to e-commerce sites, too.

Get great back-links. Work out the ones that are the most worthwhile and that will establish your authority in your industry and send traffic to your websites and social media platforms.

Audit content, conversion, back-links and other information. This also tells you if links, websites and content are working properly. Broken internal links that create 404 errors lose PageRank.

Use analytics. This will help you target your marketing by working out the content, platforms and opportunities that create the most interest. Many content management systems contain analytics, though you can also use third-party options.

Check for duplicate content. Web pages that have nearly identical content will be ignored by Google, as the search engine chooses one page as the ‘original’ and ignores the rest. If you want to check for duplicate copy, copy several sentences from a page, place it in quotes and then search for it. If you have used manufacturers’ descriptions, this can happen if a significant portion of your page is duplicate copy. If your content has been syndicated on more authoritative sites and there is no canonical tag back to your page, this will happen too so make sure you have canonical tags on syndicated copy.

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