How to Prepare a Business Blogging Plan

A business blogging plan is essential if you want to maintain the momentum of blogging for your business.

It’s easy enough to begin with the best intentions – rattling off 500 or so words every few days in a fit of enthusiasm, but further down the line that business blogging may well become a chore. A kind of ‘the oven needs cleaning’ chore. i.e. one we know needs to be done regularly, but seldom is.

A business blogging plan helps give you a structure for your blogging. It ties in with the seasons, any marketing activity you have planned and your business goals. Set up a spreadsheet, set up columns – date, blog content, whose responsibility it is to write, pictures, and videos and links that can be attached.

Tie in with key dates (if you’re a chocolatier for instance, you’ll want Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas to be marked with special offers) and if you have the time, write four or five blogs in advance ready to be posted.

Of course, the best business blogging plans are adaptable – should something surprising/interesting come along, you’ll be able to swap in a topical blog.

Make life easier on yourself and use a freelancer like myself. We can prepare you an expert business blogging plan that ties in with your business goals, as well as writing blogs that will get your business noticed.

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