Push And Pull Marketing

When it comes to marketing and push/pull do you know the difference?

Traditionally, marketing has focused on “push”, i.e. let’s push out everything we have to our customers and see what works. But modern times demand a different approach – one that focuses on what we can learn from our customers to personalise our marketing for them and make it relevant and valuable.

Today’s data comes from multiple sources – from the emails that don’t get opened, to the comments on your YouTube channel or what people are saying about you and your services on social media.

For customer experience marketing to work, certain conditions must be met. Your messages must be consistent across all devices and channels, you must allow your customer to connect with you in the way that they want and their experience should be seamless across devices.

Smart marketing uses the above, but it also builds on what it learns continuously from its customers, adapting messages and marketing to suit. It pulls the customer in.

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