Using Social Media for Lead Generation

When Tim Martin announced that he was giving up Wetherspoon’s social media accounts a few weeks ago, many business owners sighed enviously.

Did the thought, “Go, Tim. What exactly DOES social media do for me, except act as a giant time suck?” float through your mind? We doubt you were alone.

But while a brand as mighty and well-known as Wetherspoon’s can afford to wave goodbye to Facebook and Twitter, the small to medium size business doesn’t have that luxury to waste. And remember the original point of social media for SMEs—lead generation. That hasn’t gone anywhere.

We don’t bandy about meaningless marketing terms to make us look knowledgeable. ‘Lead generation’ just means finding ‘leads’ i.e. potential customers.

But wait, isn’t social media for brand building, customer service and establishing a reputation? Yes—if you’re a big company that can afford to do all that navel-gazing type stuff. For the SME, brand building on these platforms is terrific—just not as useful as lead generation.

Where else is it so easy to keep people up to date with developments, new products and services, sales and customer reviews? Social media platforms allow you to find information about customers easily (we’re not condoning illegal data collection, Cambridge Analytica style-y, here) and you can target your key demographic.

Facebook or Twitter might seem like the obvious choice, but many businesses are getting great results on LinkedIn and Instagram too.

Here are a few top tips for using Social Media for Lead Generation:

Market your expertise

First, start by offering worthy content. Useful articles, informative infographics that make a point, insights about your insights count. You offer valuable information in exchange for customers’ attention.

Share links to gated content

Offer access to limited information for email addresses (while staying within the new GDPR rules that come into force on 25 May). It’s more effective because those who want the information are already interested in what you offer. The golden rule is that gated content must be worthwhile.

Host webinars

Share your expertise with others via a webinar. It puts you into people’s homes and workplaces, and it provides the opportunity to promote your products or services. It’s another way to get email addresses (with the proviso you follow the GDPR requirements as above).

Run competitions

Choose a prize that is not only brilliant but appeals to the people who are most likely to become your customers. A month’s free trial of your services is one idea. And to enter the competition, create a landing page on your website where people sign up.

Used wisely, social media for business is amazing. Work it out and the customers come flocking.

DWD offers cost-effective, tailored social media campaigns and curated content for small to medium businesses. Email: to find out more.

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