Top tips for using visual content

Three billion years ago when the 'world wide web' was but a twinkle in Tim Berners-Lee’s eye, visual content was an important part of branding and marketing.

Bus signs, billboards, posters, logos and magazines spread the word, arguably more effectively than text. Fast-forward to 2019 and visual content is more important than ever. No-one can underestimate the value of professional photography and design on a website - otherwise you look like someone who’s just signed up for a free WordPress account.

But visual content is so much more nowadays:

Branding. Your visual content adds up to a lot of content. From your website, to your decals, to the logos you use on social media, fonts, typography and more. Your visual content should be recognisably yours.

Use stock photos, but sparingly. A professional shot created to convey something specific will look better than an amateur photo. But your customers like to know you through your content, so include personalised, professional images where you can.

A great infographic. In a niche business or do you have a unique take on an issue? Infographic-ise it. Infographics can convey a lot of information (and complex stuff at that) quickly and easily. Infographics are great for displays of data - making it far more memorable. And data widgets can display stats and numbers. is one site you can use to create graphics for free. Remember to size them correctly and add clickable links.

Videos are increasingly scoring well when it comes to search engines. If you offer a service, your video can demonstrate as aspect of that service. If you offer a product - you could use a customer’s delighted reaction when he or she receives your box through the post. With sites like lumen5, you can create short videos using your own content or media finds.

But when all else fails, find a cute cat or dog 😁 ... Okay, this is only half a joke. Sneak in an animal pic or video and you’re laughing!

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