Discovering Dubai's 'Click Culture'

Apologies for the lack of content for 2021, but I’ve been a little busy… moving. 🛫

Early January, I took the leap of faith and moved to Dubai! Nothing like the passing of your pooch (best friend) to send you packing. Some might say I ran away, but in all honest… a change of scenery should be prescribed but the doctor. Sometimes you just need a new adventure!

After a really tough 6 weeks, I feel like I’m finally settling in here (thank goodness for Netball), and continue to support my UK clients with their content marketing and social media strategies remotely, with the hope of securing a couple of UAE clients over the next few months.

The weather, scenery and people here are just amazing, what’s not to love! But there’s one thing that I find absolutely fascinating since I landed…. and something I’ve lovingly nicknamed the Dubai ‘Click Culture’.

I know technology, and the use of apps specifically, have come a long way in the last 10 years, I’ve seen it first hand having started my marketing career at the beginning of the social media boom - but literally EVERYTHING here is accessible at just a click of a button (or message!), removing any need for conversation or face to face contact.

You can order, reserve or purchase just about anything you want through a simple text or via a mobile app. From laundry services, grocery shopping, pharmacy items, cleaners, home massages and spa treatments, even putting your property on the market - all you need to do is text an agent your documents. Crazy right! I literally just ‘messaged a guy’ about repairing my sofa! No call, no conversation - just a simple WhatsApp message and boom!… address given, cushions collected, payment made and delivery scheduled for a few days.

One of the biggest dynamic platforms for conducting business here in Dubai is definitely, WhatsApp for Business. And I’m all for it!

This feature from WhatsApp allows businesses to interact with customers directly. Customers can use this platform to ask questions, reach customer support or to make purchases. It is also a great way for businesses to send marketing messages and the latest promotions to customers which can lead to an increases in sales or even help to resolve issues with customers privately.

Are you using WhatsApp for business? I'd be interested in your thoughts! 😊

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